The health journey
Menschen mit HIV

The health journey

Understanding the dimensions of care and treatment for people with HIV: A community-centred methodology

ART involves far more than taking pills and there are many other challenges faced by a person with HIV. Maintaining or re-gaining health is the underlying goal of the search for treatment, care, support and prevention.

The health journey is a simple and highly useful methodology for understanding the experiences of people living with HIV in trying to access and use health and other support services. It provides a starting point for planning and monitoring community engagement and provision of community-centred health and support services. Outcomes from using the tool have already contributed to improved coordination of community support and health care for people with HIV in a variety of settings, within the Caribbean, Zambia, Uganda, Myanmar and China.

Part 1 of The health journey explains: •

  • What a health journey is
  • Who can make use of the methodology
  • Why it is a useful tool for understanding the experiences of people with HIV.

Part 2 explains: •

  • How to set up and use the methodology

Part 3 provides: •

  • Five different examples of health journey workshops
  • What impacts resulted from them •and
  • A list of useful resources.

Who is The health journey for?

  • This guide is intended for NGO support programmes, NGOs and community organisations who are working to support people living with HIV. (2007)

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